Alberta Plans Law to Shield People Using Force for Home Defence

Alberta Minister of Justice and others announce plan to protect residents. Source: — The government of Alberta is planning a law to shield residents from lawsuits when they use force legitimately to protect their lives and property at home.

Government Press Release

To defend the rights of law-abiding property owners, the government will introduce changes to the Occupiers’ Liability Act. These changes would eliminate the liability of law-abiding property owners who are protecting their property against trespasses who are, or who are believed to be, in the commission of a criminal act. This provision will be retroactive to Jan. 1, 2018.

Source: Statement by Ministry of Justice and Solicitor General, Nov. 6.

Premier’s Tweet

“Today we announced action to tackle rural crime, defend victims, and strengthen our justice system,” Premier Jason Kenney said yesterday on Twitter. “With better coordination of peace officers, stronger penalties for offenders, and more tools for victims, these changes will begin to put the rights of law-abiding Albertans first.”


  • Rural Albertans have told Minister of Justice Doug Schweitzer they fear for their safety amid a wave of attacks and robberies.
  • Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is targeting federally licensed firearm owners in Alberta and across the country with the biggest immediate gun confiscations in Canadian history. He is going after hunters, farmers, ranchers, sport shooters, collectors and others who own rifles and handguns safely and responsibly. Trudeau isn’t planning new bans against violent individuals and gangs.


  • Canadian law recognizes the legitimacy of force in self-defence to protect innocent life.
  • Kenney said it’s “legal harassment” and “an outrage” that a robber who broke into the property of Edouard Maurice is now suing the homeowner, the Calgary Herald reported last month. The intruder filed a lawsuit against Maurice of Okotoks, south of Calgary, for $100,000 alleging ricochet injuries after Maurice fired two warning shots from a .22-calibre rifle.

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