High School Gun Range Trained Students for WW2: Abbotsford News

Students at old Abbotsford school trained for the war

TheGunBlog.ca — The Abbotsford Virtual School in Abbotsford, British Columbia, trained students to fire rifles during World War II so they could protect the community if fighting came to Canada, the Abbotsford News reported.

The students learned to shoot at the range in the basement of what was then Philip Sheffield High School, the news website said Nov. 11, quoting Christine Wiebe, chair of the Philip Sheffield History Project.

Gun ownership is at the heart of Canadian heritage and culture.

Millions of men, women and youth own or use guns for everything from personal protection, community safety and national security to hunting, farming and ranching to recreation and sport to investing, collecting and art.

Guns In School

Many schools throughout the country, including in cities like Toronto, had or have shooting ranges.

Students and cadets often learned to fire air rifles or .22LR models. Some would take their rifles to school and go shooting in the woods after class.

‘Part of Their Curriculum’

“In interviewing past students of Philip Sheffield High School that attended during the Second World War, I was surprised to learn some of these students were taught how to fire rifles,” Wiebe was quoted as telling the Abbotsford News. “This was part of their curriculum in the event the war carried over into Canada.”

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