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The ‘Public Safety’ Lie (And Some Personal Safety Truths)

TheGunBlog.ca — Here’s a truth about personal safety: Nobody can prevent you from being attacked.

So why do some politicians say they can do it? (And why does anyone believe them?)

The Public-Safety Lie

These politicians promise to keep you safe. They promise to keep us all safe.

Their promise of “public safety” is a lie.

  • They try to convince you that their laws will keep you safe and prevent harm.
  • They try to convince you that their restrictions and prohibitions against “Good Guys” who obey the law will magically stop “Bad Guys” who don’t.
  • In extreme cases under authoritarian regimes, they promise to keep you safe while forcing you to live under their restrictions and confiscating your protective gear.

It’s all a lie, and a lethal one. The false promise of “public safety” gets people killed.

We’re All Soft Targets

We’re all soft targets.

Everyone from John and Jane Doe to kings, billionaires, and celebrities.

  • No matter how high your walls or how skilled your bodyguards, if someone is committed to hurting you, they will.
  • All you have to do is watch some movies, watch the news, or watch official statistics to see how easy it is.
  • Hundreds of Canadians are assaulted, aggressed or attacked every day. Some by random strangers, and some in targeted strikes by rivals, relatives or thugs.

Table: Selected Crimes Reported By Police, 2020

Source: Statistics Canada, 27 July 2021

Homicide + Crime Causing Death861
Attempted Murder864
Violent Assault (Level 2 + 3)68,624
Violent Sexual Assault (Level 2 + 3)744
Forcible Confinement / Kidnapping3,468
Pointing, Using or Firing a Gun for Crime4,137
Sexual Violations Against Children10,388
Breaking and Entering137,516
Total Violent Crime476,649
Source: Statistics Canada

Low Risk Isn’t No Risk

The good news is that, statistically, most of us have a near-zero risk of being attacked.

The bad news is that statistics apply to the population in general, not to you in particular. And “near-zero” risk is an infinity away from zero risk.

The difference can mean life or death.

Response Ability

That’s why so many responsible adults invest in training and tools for personal protection, home defence and community safety.

  • We might not be able to prevent aggressors from starting their attack, because that’s nearly impossible.
  • But we are committed to preventing them from finishing it.

Here’s a truth about public safety: It starts with personal safety.

Here’s another one: Canada needs more politicians committed to that.