Kenney Calls Robber Suing Maurice ‘Harassment’: Calgary Herald — Alberta Premier Jason Kenney said it’s “legal harassment” and “an outrage” that a robber who broke into the property of Edouard Maurice is now suing the homeowner, the Calgary Herald reported today.

The intruder filed a lawsuit against Maurice of Okotoks, south of Calgary, for $100,000 alleging ricochet injuries after Maurice fired two warning shots from a .22-calibre rifle, the newspaper said in a column by Rick Bell.

Maurice, against whom all charges were dropped, has said two people were going through his vehicle at 5 a.m. early last year, the paper said.

From the Calgary Herald:

“Mr. Maurice has been through enough. This is a man who did what he thought was necessary using non-lethal force to protect his family and his property,” says Kenney.

“He went through charges that were withdrawn so he’s been completely exonerated. And now to face the legal harassment of a lawsuit from a robber who was threatening his family and his property is, I think, an outrage.”

The Alberta government was also preparing to sue Maurice to cover the robber’s medical bills, the paper reported.

More from the Calgary Herald:

“We’re drilling down to find out how this happened. It never should have happened. Period,” says [Alberta Justice Minister Doug] Schweitzer, who has been travelling around the province hearing some real rural crime horror stories.

“We need justice in Alberta. Justice was not being done in Eddie Maurice’s case, that’s why we stepped in immediately. No family should have to go through what they have gone through as a family together. We’re doing everything we can to make sure there is not another Eddie Maurice in Alberta.”