About 90% of Liberals Support Gun Ban in Cities, Ekos Chief Says

17 Nov 2018

TheGunBlog.ca — Almost all Liberal Party of Canada voters are hostile to hunters and sport shooters in cities and support a “total ban” on their guns, Frank Graves, president of Ekos Research Associates, said in a Twitter post he deleted following this article. Graves’s “guess” about the poll result late on Nov. 17 suggests a…

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Glock Says New 19X Pistol Is Arriving in Canada Next Week

11 Jul 2018

TheGunBlog.ca — Glock GmbH, the maker of the world’s bestselling handgun, said the first thousand Canadian versions of its new model 19X pistol will start arriving in Canada next week, en route to sport shooters across the country.

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Poll: If Your City Banned Guns, Would You Leave?

3 Dec 2017

TheGunBlog.ca — More than two-thirds of Canadians want to ban guns in cities, The Canadian Press reported today, citing the results of a poll it ordered. How about you? Take the poll below by TheGunBlog.ca.

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Take This Poll on Bill C-42

3 Sep 2015

Bill C-42 took effect yesterday and was meant to simplify the procedure for licenced gun owners to transport their firearms. “The changes to the ATT provision mean that an ATT will be automatically attached as a condition on a licence,” the Ministry of Public Safety said on July 31. “Therefore licence holders will no longer…

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