Goodale Reiterates 25-Round Ruger 10/22 Mags Are ‘Prohibited’

20 Jul 2018 — Canadian Minister of Public Safety Ralph Goodale reiterated the federal police’s controversial opinion that Ruger 10/22 cartridge magazines for more than 10 rounds are “Prohibited,” while stopping short of saying their owners could face prison.

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Ekos Doesn’t Only Run Polls About Gun Bans, It Promotes Gun Bans

5 Dec 2017 — Ekos Research Associates doesn’t only run opinion polls about gun bans, it also promotes gun bans.

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Canada Postpones Firearms Marking Regulations for Eighth Time

19 May 2017

The Canadian government postponed its Firearms Marking Regulations for the eighth time since they were adopted in 2004 amid confusion about how to enforce and obey the policy and concern about its effects. This was the first deferral by a governing party that had campaigned on a plan to implement the rules “immediately.”

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Firearms Marking Rules Delayed Until 2018, Regina Group Says

18 May 2017

The Canadian government postponed new rules on importing guns to December 2018 from June 1 this year, Regina Gun Safety & Licensing said today, quoting the RCMP. A draft government document suggests a delay is in the works on the policies, which have already disrupted the gun industry.

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Olympic Gun Supplier Stops Imports on Concern Over Marking Rules

17 May 2017

Canada’s new rules affecting gun imports, the so-called Firearms Marking Regulations, are already hurting businesses, consumers and the economy, and the policies haven’t even taken effect.

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Gun Imports Jump as Industry Aims to Avoid Crisis From New Rules

7 May 2017

Canada’s gun imports surged in the first quarter as companies stocked up to shield themselves from government import rules that take effect June 1 and threaten to hurl the industry into a crisis. The government said it’s planning an update soon.

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CBC Briefly Pulls ‘Guns in Canada 101’ Video to Fix a Few Errors

13 Apr 2017

The CBC temporarily removed its video on “Guns in Canada 101” to correct a few errors following a complaint to the ombudsman, after shooters, gun-rights groups and media criticized the clip and the company for the inaccuracies and misrepresentations.

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Gun Industry Faces Turmoil, Costs as UN Marking Deadline Nears

12 Apr 2017

Canada’s firearm industry is in turmoil over import-marking rules that start June 1, threatening gun shops, importers and consumers with surging prices, business closures and more than 5,000 job losses.

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Dear RCMP, Lawyer: Can We Keep Guns at Cottage, Storage Locker?

7 Apr 2017

The Internet turns up conflicting opinions on whether it’s legal in Canada to store guns at a cottage, with a friend, or in a storage locker, so asked the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, who administer the Canadian Firearms Program, and Pierre Plourde, a criminal-defence lawyer and gun-rights activist.

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CZ Scorpion EVO Approved by RCMP as ‘Restricted’ 5-Round Firearm

6 Apr 2017

Ceska Zbrojovka AS’s Scorpion EVO 3 S1 gun chambered in 9 mm was approved for sale in Canada after the RCMP classified it as a “Restricted” firearm for use with five-round magazines.

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SIG Sauer MPX Approved by RCMP as 5-Round ‘Restricted’ Carbine

31 Mar 2017

Sig Sauer Inc.’s MPX firearm chambered in 9 mm is now available to Canadian shooters after the RCMP classified it as a “Restricted” carbine for use with a five-round magazine, the same as an AR-15. A “non-restricted” model may come later.

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IRunGuns Stirs Debate and Confusion With Post on UN Gun Markings

25 Mar 2017

IRunGuns LLC triggered relief, rebuke and confusion after the Canada-U.S. gun dealer downplayed new UN firearms-marking rules, contradicting industry and shooters’ groups that said the measures will cripple or kill Canada’s gun industry. The Arizona-based company may have spoken too soon.

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Travel Tip: Don’t Bring Spent Brass in Your Carry-On, Like I Did

2 Feb 2017

Heading home from this week’s gun-industry trade show in Calgary, I was at the airport waiting for my luggage to come through the X-ray when the image of a relatively large brass cartridge case in my carry-on luggage caught the eye of the screening agent.

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Canadian Firearms Safety Course Handbooks, Latest Edition (2014)

17 Nov 2016

The Canadian Firearms Safety Course student handbooks are essential reading for anyone taking the mandatory courses to get a gun licence, and a useful reference for all shooters in Canada.

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RCMP Ban on 10/22 Magazines Unconstitutional, CSSA Lawyer Says

28 Jul 2016

The RCMP’s ban on Ruger 10/22 magazines capable of holding more than 10 cartridges is unconstitutional, the lawyer for the Canadian Shooting Sports Association said, urging owners, importers and sellers of the products to join a legal defence.

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RCMP Used to Issue 140,000 ATTs Per Year

8 Jul 2016

The RCMP used to issue about 140,000 Authorizations To Transport (ATT) firearms each year to civilians who asked for permission to take their guns from the store to home, or from home to the target range, the gunsmith or the airport. Most of them were for target practice and sports shooting, the RCMP said in a notice in…

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Bill C-42 Is Good, But Not Unique

27 Sep 2015

I proudly thought Canada was unique among developed countries in simplifying firearms laws when Bill C-42 took effect this month. I also assumed that the main reason for the move in Canada was that we had a centre-right Conservative government. Turns out I was wrong and wrong.

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Anger, Confusion Mount Over New ATTs as RCMP Contradicts Government

3 Sep 2015

Anger and confusion are mounting among gun owners after the RCMP contradicted the government over a new law designed to simplify the transportation of firearms.

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RCMP Clarifies New ATT Rules

2 Sep 2015

If you have an Authorization to Transport a firearm, you don’t need to do anything to benefit from the simplified transportation rules that took effect today.

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Dear RCMP ATT Group: Thank you, and Goodbye

1 Aug 2015

The whole idea of applying to the police for an Authorization to Transport (ATT) a firearm is absurd, confusing and wasteful to me, and to every gun enthusiast I’ve spoken with. When the subject comes up at the shooting range or the dinner table, we shake our heads and roll our eyes at the misguidedness…

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