Anger, Confusion Mount Over New ATTs as RCMP Contradicts Government

RCMP ATT firearms rules Canada
The RCMP says ATTs aren’t automatic, contradicting the government.

Anger and confusion are mounting among gun owners after the RCMP contradicted the government over a new law designed to simplify the transportation of firearms.

The Ministry of Public Safety said July 31 that starting Sept. 2, people with licences to own handguns and AR-15 rifles would no longer be required to obtain police permission to take guns home from the store, to the shooting range, to a gun show, or to a gunsmith.

A new law meant the Authorization to Transport (ATT) would be “automatically attached as a condition of the licence,” the ministry said at the time.

The RCMP contradicted that yesterday, saying some licence holders will still need to request permission to transport their firearms. The announcement came on a “Questions and Answers” page about the new law.

Q15: I do not have a valid ATT to transport a firearm to and from a shooting club or range for the purpose of target practice. Will ATT conditions be attached to my firearms licence automatically?
A15: No. If you do not possess a valid ATT to transport a firearm to and from a shooting club or range for the purposes of target practice as of September 2, 2015, you will not get the transportation purposes added as a condition to your firearms licence.
See next question for additional information.

People with licences and without an ATT will still need to apply for one, buy a new gun or request a renewed licence.

“What a load of ####!,” said a member of, Canada’s main online discussion group for firearms enthusiasts. “So either I buy a gun or apply for a new ATT? What is the ####ing point?”

Voicemails today by for the Ministry of Public Safety and the RCMP requesting clarification weren’t immediately returned. Stay tuned for updates.

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