Ekos Doesn’t Only Run Polls About Gun Bans, It Promotes Gun Bans

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Screenshot of Ekos commentary at www.EKOSPolitics.ca

TheGunBlog.ca — Ekos Research Associates doesn’t only run opinion polls about gun bans, it also promotes gun bans.

The Canadian Press published the results of an Ekos survey two days ago saying more than two-thirds of Canadians want to prohibit firearms in cities, with support across political parties, income, education and location. (TheGunBlog.ca ran a counter-poll. You can still take the poll here.)

The company, led by Frank Graves, published more details along with a commentary yesterday on its website. (Thanks to Calibre Magazine for sharing this on Twitter, as well as questions about methodology.)





Ekos ran through a string of illogic about objects and violence, to promote banning objects:

  • It blames murder on objects, not on the people who use them.
  • It focuses on the “gun” side of gun violence, not the “violence” side.
  • It assumes that murder didn’t exist before firearms, and will disappear after firearms.
  • It assumes that violent criminals who disobey murder bans will obey gun bans.
  • It suggests that Australians, British and Japanese would be massacring each other if it weren’t for restrictions on legal firearm ownership.
  • And more…

Oh, and if you think you have a right to keep your property at home? Dream on.

“Hunters will object but checking guns out from a secure depository should not be an undue hardship.”


“Many will claim this is a Pollyannaish and intractable proposal,” Ottawa-based Ekos said. “We disagree and clearly the public are drawn to the elegant simplicity of this solution. Rural Canadians (and rural caucuses) note real concerns with gun control. No problem; these areas will remain unaffected. Hunters will object but checking guns out from a secure depository should not be an undue hardship.”

“The case is pretty clear. Canadians think it’s time to take guns out of our cities. Consider the inevitable saving of hundreds of lives every year as a major societal dividend.”

It’s so obvious, isn’t it?

The solution to violence by bad people is to ban firearms from good people.

The scariest part isn’t that Ekos believes this. It’s that many other Canadians do, too.

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