CCFR Plans New Sport-Shooting Show on Wild TV

Canada Guns Firearms Shooting Trap Ontario

2017 Ontario Provincial Trap Shoot. Source: TheLostTarget on YouTube — The Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights said it’s working on a new show with Wild TV to introduce sport shooting to the channel’s estimated 2.4 million viewers across the country. I renewed my membership today after learning about the plan. (See more disclosures here.)

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CSSA Does Point-by-Point Takedown of Misleading CBC Gun Video

(Update: CBC temporarily removed the video on April 12 after a complaint to its ombudsman. Christopher di Armani saw that as a victory for shooters. I agree and develop that theme here.)

The Canadian Shooting Sports Association did a superb point-by-point takedown of a CBC video on gun laws packed with errors, misleading suggestions and possibly a wrongful confiscation by law-enforcement officers.

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First Take: Inside Today’s Study of ‘Firearm Injuries’ in Youth

Canada Guns Firearms Youth Accidents asks questions on a graphic from Canada’s Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences

The Canadian Medical Association Journal released a study today showing that an average of one child and young adult was shot each day in Ontario between 2008 and 2012.

The following is some context based on what we know and what we don’t know. has requested an interview with the lead researcher.

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Watch ‘Armed and Reasonable: How to Buy a Gun in Canada’ by Vice

Watching “Armed and Reasonable: How to Buy a Gun in Canada” by Vice is a breath of fresh air that is forcing me to ditch some assumptions.

I always braced myself for the worst when reading so-called “news” or watching so-called “documentaries” about guns and gun owners in Canada. Most of what I see in the popular media is a pile of lies, half-truths, illogic, ignorance, misrepresentation, exaggeration and spin to support the view that guns and gun owners are evil. (It’s perfectly OK to have that view, but please support it with facts and logic.)

“Armed and Reasonable” is different.

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Top YouTube Gun Channels: DemolitionRanch Surges

2016 Jun YouTube Subscriber GrowthDemolitionRanch attracted subscribers faster than any other major YouTube gun channel in the first six months of this year, while James Yeager added more videos than any of his peers in that period.

The ranking of the top 10 channels has remained unchanged since December, with FPSRussia, hickok45 and FullMag holding onto the first three spots.

This is an update to a previous post of the biggest and hottest gun channels.

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Top YouTube Gun Channels: From FPSRussia, hickok45 to tnoutdoors9

FPSRussia dominates the world of gun videos on YouTube, DemolitionRanch is attracting subscribers faster than any of his peers and TAOFLEDERMAUS has the “stickiest” followers.

I had a bit of fun analyzing YouTube data, based on DemolitionRanch’s Top YouTube Gun Channels…….ROAST video of June 9, 2014. (Yeah, it’s a good one!)

I included channels that didn’t make DemolitionRanch’s list, because today they rank highly on some criteria (e.g. Vickers Tactical, TWANGnBANG, Jordan Winkler (a.k.a. FX Hummel), TheYankeeMarshall). Many other channels exist, but these are the most popular ones that I know about.

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