Editors of Canada’s No. 2 Paper Urge Seizure of PAL Holder Guns

TheGunBlog.ca — The editors of Canada’s No. 2 newspaper by circulation called on the federal government to confiscate handguns from lawful sport shooters, even if it strips away their rights. The editors didn’t suggest seizing weapons from criminals.

The Toronto Star Editorial Board joined outgoing Toronto Mayor John Tory in asking the government to confiscate property from Canada’s 2 million men and women with a firearm Possession and Acquisition Licence (PAL) authorized by the federal police.

Target shooting is one of the country’s most-popular and safest sporting activities. More adults have a gun licence than the number who play golf, hockey or baseball.

Tory has asked sport shooters, not criminals, to leave Toronto. He also has urged Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to seize all handguns and all semi-automatic rifles and shotguns from all PAL holders in Canada. He didn’t ask Trudeau to seize weapons from criminals. The government has said it’s “open to all possible options.”

Excerpt from the Toronto Star, Star Editorial Board, Solutions to Gun Crime Don’t Boil Down to Ford’s ‘Good Guys and Bad Guys’ Rhetoric, Aug. 13:

Yes, there certainly are some good handgun owners. And yes, a national ban on the private ownership of handguns would strip them of the right to continue with their hobby of target shooting or collecting handguns.

But that’s not a reason, in and of itself, not to do it. Governments routinely make decisions that adversely affect some individuals for the broader good of society.

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