Gary Mauser Officially Starts ‘Justice for Gun Owners’ Blog

11 Apr 2017

Gary Mauser, one of Canada’s leading academics on firearms, inaugurated his new website today, Justice for Gun Owners: Fighting for Sensible Canadian Gun Laws.

The blog focuses on gun laws, regulations and politics as they relate to licensing, ownership, policing, injuries, violence, self-defence and other issues in Canada. The project by the BCWF Political Action Alliance has been in development for months as Mauser worked on design and content. He will be the lead contributor. It’s free to subscribe.

Here’s the blurb from the home page:

Gun Owners Are Under Attack

Hunters and target shooters are endangered. The shooting sports are being strangled by increasingly arbitrary regulations. The police abuse licensing to treat law-abiding PAL holders in the same way as criminals. The new government has a long list of gun restrictions it wants to implement.

Fight Back

You may also want to subscribe to the website of Dennis R. Young, a long-time activist for shooters’ rights who collaborates with Mauser.

See’s Resources page for more resources.

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