RCMP Failed to Provide Guns, Training: Full Text of Court Ruling

4 Oct 2017 — The following is the full text of a Sept. 29 court ruling that found the RCMP guilty of failing to provide AR-15 rifles and training to its officers, three of whom were shot to death in June 2014 in Moncton, New Brunswick. CBC, which provided live updates of the trial, reported last week on…

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RCMP Trial This Week Focused on This Report Recommending AR-15

5 May 2017

Here is a 2010 report that recommended the RCMP adopt the AR-15 rifle. The study and its author were in focus this week at a trial to decide if Canada’s federal police are guilty of having failed to provide appropriate equipment and training to officers responding to attackers. The case is relevant to all of us.

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Where Are Our Defenders?

22 Feb 2015

What happened to all the individuals and organisations fighting for freedom and rights, fighting for laws that protect our freedom and rights, and fighting against laws that undermine our freedom and rights?

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