Court Win: Judge Sides With Gun Owners, Allows Hearings to Fight Trudeau’s May 2020 Attacks — An Alberta judge today sided with gun owners against the Canadian government, allowing their request for a Section 74 hearing as they fight PM Trudeau’s political attacks begun in May 2020.

Listen to our interview with Greg Dunn, lead lawyer for two of the Section 74 applicants.

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Canada Gun News: Week of 2021 November 01

– Canada Gun Imports Rise 25% in January – September, Led By Shotguns From Italy
– NFA Says Sheldon Clare Decided to Step Down as President
– RCMP Website Has Been Offline for Two Days
– CSAAA Is Hiring a Managing Director
– 70-Year-Old Gunsmith Rodger Kotanko Shot to Death By Toronto Police at His Home
– NFA: O’Toole’s Firearms Flip-Flop

What Is a Hunting Firearm? Video Chat With OFAH’s Matt DeMille on His New Report to Federal Court — What is a hunting firearm? It’s a simple question with high stakes in Canada. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is threatening hundreds of thousands of hunters and other government-approved gun owners with criminal charges, police raids, and jail over the answer. Six groups of people targeted by Trudeau are fighting him in Federal Court…

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Canada Gun News: Week of 2021 May 10

– Section 74 Win: Ontario Court to Hear Two More Cases Against RCMP ‘Nullification‘ Tactic
– Saskatchewan Reiterates Opposition to Trudeau’s Crackdowns on Gun Users, Including Bill C-21
– Saskatchewan Says New Provincial CFO to Be In Place by September
– CCFR, CGC Named to Nova Scotia Mass Casualty Commission
– Pitt Meadows Gun Club in B.C. Gets $20,000 Grant to Replace Trap Machine
– I Took an ATC Requal Taught By the Owner of Burke’s Gun Oil


Federal Court Decision on FRT Motion Is ‘Really Positive’: Lawyer Thomas Slade — Canadian gun owners took a step forward today in the Federal Court cases fighting the government’s May 2020 political attacks against hunters, sport shooters and firearm collectors.

They’ll be allowed to argue the RCMP’s Firearms Reference Table aided the crackdown.

Edward Burlew Files First Section 74 Appeal for Group Fighting ‘Nullifications’

(Update Feb. 19: Adds in last paragraph that Burlew filed second appeal.) — The court fight escalated this week to restore justice for Canadian hunters, farmers and sport shooters and stop the federal government’s and federal police’s regulatory attacks. Edward Burlew, one of the country’s leading firearm lawyers, filed the first court appeal on…