Gun Owners Appeal Federal Court’s Validation of Liberal Confiscations — At least three groups of gun owners appealed a Canadian Federal Court ruling that supported the Liberal Party’s mass gun confiscations targeting government-licensed firearm owners.

Christine Generoux submitted the first challenge in the Federal Court of Appeal yesterday, after working to stop the crackdown since the Liberals unleashed it on 01 May 2020. She’s representing herself and two other appellants.

Groups led by Michael Doherty and by the Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights also filed.

‘The Learned Judge Erred’

Generoux’s Notice of Appeal lists what she considers errors by Federal Court Justice Catherine Kane in her interpretation of the law and the rationale for her opinion delivered on October 30.

“The learned judge’s written reasons switch between the factors governing a legislative instrumental lens and an administrative discretionary decision lens, and always in favor of the Respondent,” Generoux’s filing said in Paragraph 3.

“In concluding that the decision is subject to administrative principles and reasonableness review, the learned judge erred in concluding that the decision maker did not owe a duty of procedural fairness to those affected,” the appeal said in Paragraph 9.

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Filings in Federal Court of Appeal (PDF)

Generoux Et Al.

Court File Number: A-324-23

Doherty Et Al.

Court File Number: A-326-23