Springfield Gun Club’s Court Victory Against CFO Is Confirmed Without Appeal

TheGunBlog.ca — Springfield Sports Club said today its September court victory against overreach by the New Brunswick Chief Firearms Officer is confirmed, since the CFO didn’t appeal by the deadline.

‘The Decision Stands’

“The Springfield decision from the Court of Appeals stands,” Springfield President Tim Kairns said by e-mail. “The province of NB did not apply for leave with the Supreme Court of Canada within the 60-day limit.”

The CFO didn’t respond to our e-mail inviting comment.

Why It Matters

  • It’s the first court victory by a shooting club or range against CFO abuses of authority.
  • The case sets legal precedent, and would help any club or range that fights CFOs who make up rules and conditions unlawfully.
  • It may encourage more clubs to fight overreaching CFOs in court.

Benchmark Court Victory

“CFOs are imposing conditions all over the place,” Kairns told TheGunBlog.ca today by telephone. From now on if a club fights their CFO in court, “they would use this decision as a benchmark.”

Three Years and $50,000+

Springfield’s court challenge took almost three years and cost more than $50,000, Kairns said.

“It’s been a long haul,” Kairns said. “It’s been a difficult three years.”

The club welcomes donations: