CCFR Says It Will Appeal Federal Court Ruling on May 2020 Gun Confiscations

CCFR Video via — The Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights, Canada’s largest gun-owner association, said today it will appeal this week’s ruling by the Federal Court validating the Liberal Party’s mass criminalizations and confiscations ordered in May 2020.

“Having reviewed the court’s decision, the CCFR has decided to appeal on the basis that Justice Kane erred in her interpretation and application of the law,” Tracey Wilson, a CCFR vice president, said today at a media briefing. “Our legal team will be filing an appeal shortly.”

She didn’t provide a timeframe.

CCFR Chief Executive Officer Rod Giltaca joined Wilson to announce the planned appeal shortly after he spoke to the Senate committee studying Bill C-21.

Christine Generoux is also appealing, she said on October 30 after Federal Court Justice Kane published her opinion.