Court Win: Federal Court Denies Coalition for Gun Control’s Request to Support Liberals — Canadian gun owners and businesses won a procedural victory today in Federal Court, as they fight the governing Liberal Party’s May 2020 political and regulatory attacks.

Associate Chief Justice Jocelyne Gagné dismissed the Coalition for Gun Control’s so-called “motion to intervene” for the Liberals against six groups of gun owners. The Liberals supported the motion.

Gagné said the Liberals have already reflected the anti-gun group’s position, and noted the group’s leader, Wendy Cukier, said she hadn’t reviewed many of the filings in the case.

“Therefore, for the foregoing reasons, I will dismiss the motions,” Gagné said in the ruling dated today.

Arkadi Bouchelev Comment

Arkadi Bouchelev, a lawyer for a group of gun owners, told

It’s important because the CGC will not be able to make any arguments/submissions in support of the government’s position.

Also, it is important in a sense that it shows judicial independence.

Despite the CGC being aligned in interest with the federal government and being represented by one of the largest and most prominent law firms in the country, they still lost.

—Arkadi Bouchelev, Response to, 12 September 2022

Federal Court Ruling (PDF)


  • On 01 May 2020, the Liberals ordered hundreds of thousands of government-licensed gun owners and businesses to surrender many of our rifles and shotguns by April 2022.
  • That effort failed, forcing the Liberals to extend their deadline.
  • Massive opposition to the crackdown and major political, legislative and logistical obstacles mean the confiscations are on track to fail again.