RCMP Failed to Provide Guns, Training: Full Text of Court Ruling

4 Oct 2017 — The following is the full text of a Sept. 29 court ruling that found the RCMP guilty of failing to provide AR-15 rifles and training to its officers, three of whom were shot to death in June 2014 in Moncton, New Brunswick. CBC, which provided live updates of the trial, reported last week on…

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Defence Is Counter-Ambush Since Attack Is a Surprise: Rob Pincus

20 Aug 2017

No matter how much we think about personal defence and train our minds and bodies to respond to possible violence in daily life, we’ve got to remember that any attack will come as a surprise. Rob Pincus, who trains people to protect themselves with guns, suggests we think about defence as counter-ambush.

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How Long and How Much for a Gun Licence in Canada?

13 Apr 2017

(Thank you to everyone who reads this and shares it, making it one of the most-read articles on this website. Thank you also for the coffee money. (See at bottom.)) — Fodollah (his username on Reddit) of Toronto got his gun licence this week after roughly four months and almost $500. Congratulations! asked him for…

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RCMP Began to Train Shooting on the Move Last Year, Gazette Says

29 Mar 2017

People are often astonished that most police officers aren’t into shooting or guns, don’t train often with firearms and are lousy at marksmanship. But being armed and being skilled with your arm are completely different.

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Ontario to Train 35-40 New Gun-Safety Instructors in 2017, 2018

8 Feb 2017

Ontario plans to train 35 to 40 new firearms-safety instructors this year and next out of hundreds of potential applicants, as the province seeks to balance the availability of teachers with demand by students wanting to own guns.

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Missing CFSC Exam Results Block Gun Licences in Ontario

8 Dec 2016

The organization that stamps Canadian Firearms Safety Course exams in Ontario said half the tests passed in July and August weren’t processed because of an office mistake, blocking hundreds of people from applying for their gun licences. (See update below.)

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Canadian Firearms Safety Course Handbooks, Latest Edition (2014)

17 Nov 2016

The Canadian Firearms Safety Course student handbooks are essential reading for anyone taking the mandatory courses to get a gun licence, and a useful reference for all shooters in Canada.

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Princess Patricia Soldiers Get 49 Rounds a Year, HuffPo Says

26 Jan 2015

Soldiers in Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry unit get 49 cartridges per year for training because of cuts to military spending, the Huffington Post said on January 21, citing an unidentified member of the unit. By comparison, civilians can fire 10 times that much ammunition in a single day of training with a private company. SIG Sauer Academy…

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RCMP Trains With Guns Once a Year for Half a Day

16 Jan 2015

The RCMP requires its officers to train with firearms for half a day once a year beyond their basic instruction. “They’re required to qualify every year,” Deputy Commissioner Janice Armstrong told journalists today in Moncton, New Brunswick. “They’ll spend half a day at the range qualifying every year.” Emergency-response units practise with a variety of weapons,…

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