Princess Patricia Soldiers Get 49 Rounds a Year, HuffPo Says

Soldiers in Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry unit get 49 cartridges per year for training because of cuts to military spending, the Huffington Post said on January 21, citing an unidentified member of the unit.

By comparison, civilians can fire 10 times that much ammunition in a single day of training with a private company. SIG Sauer Academy requires 500 rifle rounds and 100 pistol rounds for its one-day, intermediate-level “Skill Builder: Rifle/Carbine” course in New Hampshire. Tennessee-based Tactical Response’s two-day “Fighting Rifle” course requires 1,500 rounds of rifle ammo and 250 rounds of pistol ammo.

Two weeks ago, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police said their officers train with firearms for half a day per year after their basic training.

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