Canadians Bought 90,000 Handguns Since Trudeau Said He’s Killing the Market, RCMP Says — Canada’s government-licensed firearm users bought almost 90,000 handguns in the seven weeks after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said he’s killing the legal market, a shopping spree that wiped out supply and set records. We estimate the total now exceeds 100,000.


Self-Defence: Highlights From Ontario Court Acquittal in Fatal Shooting — An Ontario Superior Court found a man “not guilty” of murder this month for shooting someone who died moments later, allowing the accused’s claim of self-defence.

We look at the judge’s decision for insight into how courts analyze and interpret the legal defence of Self-Defence.


Blair’s Office Outlines Next Steps Against Gun Owners (Correction)

(Correction Dec. 27: Corrects headline and article to delete incorrect analysis of planned handgun prohibitions.) — The office of Canadian Minister Bill Blair outlines the next steps in the government’s planned laws against federally licensed gun owners.

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Self-Defence Shooting: Supreme Court of Canada to Hear New Case — The Supreme Court of Canada will hear an appeal by a homeowner saying he shot and killed an intruder in self-defence, its first self-defence case since the government updated the Criminal Code in 2013.

Case: Peter Khill (Ontario)

Keep reading for key points, context, PDF by Khill’s lawyers, and links.

Liberals Invite 15 Companies to Bid for Mass Gun Confiscations — Canada’s governing Liberal Party invited 15 companies to bid on designing and running the mass gun confiscations underway, suggesting the government didn’t have a plan when it ordered the forced surrender, and still doesn’t. The list includes some of the world’s largest consulting companies that qualified to apply as so-called “Supply Arrangement Holders.”…


Liberal ‘Grandfathering’ Is Concealed Confiscation: Rick Hemmingson — The Liberal Party of Canada uses the term “grandfathering” to conceal the reality of their instant gun prohibitions, according to from Rick Hemmingson, a lawyer swith Hemmingson Law in Lacombe, Alberta. Hemmingson e-mailed yesterday evening in response to our report: Liberals Plan ‘Grandfathering’ Under Bans: Minister of Justice. An early version of…

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Canadian Gun Owners Fail Again to Show Up for Conservative Party — Every political party in Canada’s parliament is working to eliminate or further restrict private firearm ownership, except one: the Conservative Party. It’s beyond disheartening that the country’s millions of gun users failed again to support the party and the candidates running to lead it. Conservative Leadership Election Party HQ said July 14 it…

Hipwell Hires Burlew, Seeks $100,000 to Fight Liberal Abuse of Power — The founder of one of Canada’s biggest family-owned gun stores hired a leading firearm lawyer to fight the Liberal Party’s May 1 confiscation order, as resistance to a “flagrant abuse of government power” escalates. $100,000 Goal John Hipwell, the founder of Wolverine Supplies Ltd., aims to raise $100,000 after hiring Edward Burlew to…

RCMP Deletes ‘Grandfathering’ Option From Web Page on Gun Bans

(Update May 11, 15:20 Toronto time: Adds RCMP response.) — The RCMP deleted the option for so-called “grandfathering” this week from its web page on the Canadian government’s mass gun confiscations, igniting concern owners will face jail unless we surrender our gear within two years. Two Promises The website now mentions only the first…