Ontario Says It Won’t Divert Police to Federal Liberal Gun Confiscations

TheGunBlog.ca — The Ontario government said it won’t divert police to confiscate guns from lawful owners, refusing to help the federal Liberal Party crack down on honest citizens.

Ontario Government Comment

Source: Hunter Kell, Press Secretary for the Ontario Solicitor General

  • He was responding by e-mail to questions sent today by TheGunBlog.ca.

Ontario recognizes that targeting Canada’s licensed firearm owners will not stop gun and gang violence. More than 90% of guns used in crimes are illegally imported into Ontario from the United States.

At a time when crime is on the rise, Ontario’s police resources can’t be diverted to criminalize farmers and hunters. Punishing law-abiding citizens will not reduce crime while illegal firearms continue to be smuggled into Canada. If the federal government wants to take serious action on gun crime, they need to spend the resources on securing the border. We will not request that our police services administer this program as it is operational and ultimately their discretion. Ontario should not be spending taxpayers money towards the program.

—Ontario Solicitor General’s Office, Response to TheGunBlog.ca, 09 February 2024

Why It Matters

  • Ontario is home to more licensed gun users than any other province, and home to the most men and women targeted by the Liberals’ mass criminalization and confiscation order of May 2020.
  • The Ontario government has mostly kept quiet about the crackdown, neither supporting nor opposing it directly. The federal government has called the position “overall balanced.”
  • Alberta and Saskatchewan strongly and frequently oppose the Liberals, and have passed laws to block them.

Canada’s National Firearms Association reported Ontario’s position earlier, as did Charles Zach, who handles NFA’s government relations.


Correction: Corrects name of government spokesman.