Canadians Bought 90,000 Handguns Since Trudeau Said He’s Killing the Market, RCMP Says

We estimate the total now exceeds 100,000.

5 Aug 2022 — Canada’s government-licensed firearm users bought almost 90,000 handguns in the seven weeks after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said he’s killing the legal market, a shopping spree that set records.

  • We estimate total buying now exceeds 100,000.
  • To the best of our knowledge, this is the first time the numbers are being reported.
  • The Trudeau administration said today it’s prohibiting handgun imports by government-licensed importers starting in two weeks. Almost every handgun in Canada is imported.
    • Trudeau will then criminalize all buying and selling by government-licensed business and individuals, and confiscate legally owned handguns when the owners die.
    • The free market remains unaffected.


From May 30 when Trudeau announced his prohibitions to July 19:

  • Individuals applied for 89,575 handgun-ownership transfers, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police told today.
    • If a handgun was bought and sold multiple times, the total would include multiple requests for the same gun.
  • The transfer applications include 28,905 first-time purchases, said the RCMP, which approves (or not) each transaction and registers each gun to its owner. That means about one-third of new shopping was by first-timer handgun owners.
  • Source: Robin Percival, a spokesperson for the Ottawa-based RCMP, sent the data to today by e-mail in response to our request for the information on June 29.


  • Biggest Day: Thursday 02 June, with 7,277 handguns purchased
  • Daily Average Buying Before Trudeau’s Announcement: 307
  • Daily Average Buying After Trudeau’s Announcement: 1,756
  • Buying slowed as stores sold out of new models. The used market is still active, with guns offered for purchase selling out in minutes.

Handgun Ownership Rises to Records

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  • Corrects spelling of Percival.
  • Deletes data and chart on individuals with registered firearms.

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