Alberta Passes Motion to Support Hunters and Sport Shooters — The Alberta government passed a motion today to support hunters, sport shooters and other safe and responsible firearm users against the mass confiscations promised by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

The motion could be the strongest opposition yet to Trudeau’s plans for the biggest instant gun bans in Canadian history, and the threat of prison for anyone who doesn’t surrender their gear. The government of Ontario has also said it rejects bans targeting federally licensed firearm owners.

Everyone is banned already from buying, selling, or having any gun unless they have a licence.

Minister of Environment Jason Nixon on Facebook

Today I moved a motion in the Legislature to recognize and support responsible firearm ownership in Alberta. The passing of this motion proves that the Government of Alberta will stand side by side with law abiding Albertans against any Federal Government that attempts to mess with our rights. The motion passed, and proves how important this is to the Alberta Government.

Nixon read the following Government Motion 41 in the legislature:

Be it resolved that the Legislative Assembly recognize and support the ability of Albertans to lawfully and in a responsible manner own and possess firearms and to engage in permitted activities involving the use of firearms including, but not limited to, hunting and sport shooting. Source: Alberta Legislative Assembly

More Context

  • Trudeau’s Liberal Party was wiped out of Alberta in last month’s federal election.
  • Alberta had 301,704 men and women with a federal firearm Possession and Acquisition Licence (PAL) at the end of 2017, in third place behind Ontario and Quebec.
  • Calgary had the highest percentage of PAL holders among Canada’s largest cities in 2016.