Halifax Police Joins Movement Against Trudeau-Tory Gun Bans

TheGunBlog.ca — Halifax Regional Police joined a growing movement of police groups and leaders across Canada opposing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s and Toronto Mayor John Tory’s campaigns for gun bans against hunters and sport shooters.

Halifax Police Quote

“We believe we have necessary laws and regulations in place in relation to firearms,” HalifaxToday reported today on its website, quoting a statement by Halifax Regional Police spokesman John MacLeod to News 95.7. “We respect the right of citizens to own guns legally and recognize that the majority of gun owners act responsibly and comply with gun regulations.”

Growing Opposition

Halifax is at least the seventh police organization or active or retired police leader opposed to Trudeau and Tory’s calls to criminalize honest men and women.

The widespread rejection by Canada’s largest police groups makes any new prohibitions and confiscations difficult or impossible to enforce.

Critical Election, Questions

Respect for firearm users is a critical issue in the October election for many shooters and their families.

If Trudeau wins and proceeds with his planned gun seizures, he would force families with guns to escape the country, surrender their firearms or face prison.

Bans also raise moral questions about whether unelected police employees have a duty to obey elected governments acting against honest citizens.

Police Leaders/Groups Against Gun Bans (Partial List)

  1. Brenda Lucki, RCMP Commissioner
  2. Adam Palmer, Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police President; Vancouver Police Chief
  3. Mark Saunders, Toronto Police Chief
  4. Danny Smyth, Winnipeg Police Chief
  5. Chris Lewis, Ontario Provincial Police Commissioner (Retired)
  6. Mark McCormack, Toronto Police Association President
  7. Halifax Regional Police


  1. Max Waddell, Winnipeg Police, Organized Crime Unit
  2. Mike Earl, Toronto Police, Holdup Squad (Retired)

 Millions of Shooters

Hunting and sport shooting are at the heart of Canadian culture and heritage. About 2.2 million men and women have a firearm Possession and Acquisition Licence (PAL) authorized by the federal police.

Millions more family and friends also shoot safely and responsibly under the control of licence holders.

Bans for Votes

Trudeau’s Liberal Party in June outlined the biggest single firearm confiscations in Canadian history if he’s re-elected. He said this week he will update his “measures against guns” later in the campaign.

Tory renewed his call this month to ban owners of “handguns, assault rifles and semi-automatic firearms” across Canada. He won a second term as mayor last year after inviting sport shooters to leave Toronto.