Trudeau Suggests Vz. 58, Ruger Mini-14 Among Mass Confiscations

(Correction 30 April 2020: Corrects headline and article to correct name of rifle possessed by Quebec mosque attacker.) — Justin Trudeau suggested he will order farmers, hunters and sport shooters to surrender their CSA Vz. 58 and Ruger Mini-14 rifles among the 250,000 rifles he wants to confiscate if re-elected prime minister of Canada this month.

Trudeau didn’t name the models in a media briefing today on his campaign plans for mass seizures, expulsions or incarcerations targeting federally licensed firearm owners.

The Liberal Party leader cited the January 2017 mosque attack in the Sainte-Foy neighbourhood of Quebec City, where the assailant had a Vz. 58. He also referred to the Ecole Polytechnique massacre in Montreal in December 1989, where the mass murderer used a Mini-14.

The only design Trudeau referred to by name was the AR-15 target rifle.


Men and women across the country are appalled and anxious. Trudeau is threatening hundreds of thousands of Canadians with prison unless they leave the country with their guns or surrender them to police.

“We’re taking the strongest step in Canadian history to move forward on tougher gun legislation,” Trudeau said today.

Election 2019: Three Realities and Four Possible Outcomes

The Conservative Party and many police oppose new prohibitions against lawful owners.

Popular Rifles

The centrefire, semi-automatic Vz. 58 and Mini-14 could represent close to 10% of the long guns the Liberals want to seize and destroy if they win the election on Oct. 21. They will offer to pay owners for their guns.

Projections by suggest the Liberals will win.

Expel Handgun Owners

Trudeau also discussed his goal of “handgun-free cities.”

He pledged to bypass provincial governments and work directly with municipalities to expel handgun owners. Local councils will be allowed to make it a crime to have handguns at home, or anywhere outside government-approved storage units and target ranges.

None of the measures targets violent individuals or gangs.

Ban Assault Cars?

Trudeau didn’t say if he would ban Chevrolet Express vans. An attacker used one as his weapon on Toronto’s Yonge Street in April 2018 for Canada’s biggest mass killing since Polytechnique.

He also didn’t discuss why violent gang crime has surged since the Liberals took office in 2015.

Mainly ‘Non-Restricteds’ estimates Canada’s 2.2 million licensed shooters own close to 25,000 Vz. 58s and Mini-14s, almost all of which have a legal label of “Non-restricted.”

The estimates are based on calculations by the RCMP, fragments of the so-called “Long-Gun Registry,” and new sales.

Most of the 250,000 rifles the Liberals want destroyed are also “Non-restricted” models preferred by ranchers, farmers and hunters, according to calculations by

Full Auto Too?

Many shooters assume Trudeau is targeting owners of centrefire, semi-auto models only. isn’t aware of any comment or document by the Liberals on the calibre, mechanics or legal classifications of the rifles they want to seize. Nothing suggests owners of automatic, rimfire or other firearms will be exempt.

The Liberal Party didn’t respond to questions from about the types of rifles being considered.