SHOT Show 2019 Round Up: Anschütz, Blaser to Kel-Tec and Tenda

28 Jan 2019 — Here are some of my highlights from this year’s SHOT Show, the world’s biggest trade show for the firearm industry. The expo ran last week in Las Vegas. It started with a range day. Names You’ll See Below AmChar, Anschütz, Blaser, Canadian Shooting Sports Association (CSSA), Daniel Defense, European Arms Distributor, Galco, Kel-Tec, Peacekeeper Products,…

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SHOT Show 2019: Military/Police Range Day Report

22 Jan 2019 — The SHOT Show range day for military and law enforcement yesterday was the quietest I experienced in the three years of attending the world’s biggest trade expo for the firearm industry. That made it quicker to try the gear on display and easier to talk to the company reps. The rest of this week…

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SHOT Show 2018 Round Up: Aimpoint to Walther Via Surefire

28 Jan 2018 — Here are some people, products, companies and humour that caught my attention this week at SHOT Show, the world’s biggest trade expo for the firearm industry.

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Glock Is Considering Model 19 Gen 5 and 19X Pistols for Canada

24 Jan 2018 — Glock GmbH, which is about to ship a special Canadian edition of its model 19 Gen 4 pistol, is considering whether to make similar versions of the model 19 Gen 5 and model 19X.

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SHOT Show 2018: Military/Police Range Day Report

23 Jan 2018 — It’s hard to imagine a more gratifying day of shooting than trying out the newest guns and gear under a blue sky with a mountain as your backstop. That’s what it was like at yesterday’s Military/Law Enforcement Range Day for SHOT Show, the world’s biggest trade expo for the firearm industry. Following are some…

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SHOT Show 2017 Roundup: From Aimpoint to M&P 2.0 to Tikka Arctic

13 Feb 2017

SHOT Show 2017 was one of the biggest trade shows in Las Vegas and I visited only a small number of booths. Here are a few personal highlights, in addition to these, these and this. Thank you to everyone who described their products or business, and who “liked,” shared, reposted, retweeted or followed (Twitter: @TheGunBlog).

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SHOT Show 2017: Meet the MK36H Rifle, Part M14, Part AR-15

19 Jan 2017

You’d think someone would have long ago built a firearm that combined two of the most popular U.S. rifle designs, the M14/M1A and the AR-15. Apparently not, until now.

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SHOT Show 2017, Day 1: Aimpoint, C-More, Comp-Tac, P226 Legion

17 Jan 2017

The show space is huge. The number of attendees is massive. The number of guns and gear is overwhelming. The following are my highlights from Day 1 of SHOT Show 2017. Aimpoint: New ‘Micro S-1’ for Shotguns. Aimpoint said at a press conference that it developed a new red-dot sight for shotguns, the Micro S-1. It’s similar…

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SHOT Show 2017: Military/Police Range Day Report

16 Jan 2017

Today’s SHOT Show range day for military and police was a blast.

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SHOT Show 2017: Badged and Ready

15 Jan 2017

I picked up my badge for SHOT Show in Las Vegas today and am now ready for the world’s largest gun show. Attending will be a dream come true and will tick an item on my bucket list.

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