NFA Tells Trudeau to Expect ‘Civil Resistance’ Over His Gun Bans — Canada’s National Firearms Association told Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to expect “civil resistance” eventually, as he prepares some of the biggest confiscations against honest citizens of any democracy in history.

The NFA shared the letter from President Sheldon Clare to Trudeau in an e-mail to members today:

NFA Quote

Whether willfully or by incompetence, our governments have often created bad laws that are unjust, ineffective, and purposely malign a targeted minority group, which is civilian firearm owners.

It is clear that there will come a time when those affected will express themselves in civil resistance and righteous indignation. Your government’s authoritarian actions have not only divided this great nation along regional lines, but they have also pitted neighbour against neighbour.

Source: NFA President Clare letter to Trudeau

OFAH DeMille Article

Also today, the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters published an article by Matt DeMille, the group’s manager of fish and wildlife services.

DeMille called on the hunting and shooting communities to stand tall, stand united and stand against bad government policies.

Rising Opposition

The comments by Clare and DeMille highlight the rising opposition to Trudeau’s plans to criminalize federally licensed firearm owners unless they allow police to seize and destroy their gear.

Provincial premiers, police leaders, and families across Canada reject the confiscation plans.

Trudeau’s measures threaten safe and responsible owners with jail unless they surrender 250,000 of their hunting and sporting rifles (mainly “Non-restricteds”), and potentially all of their handguns.