Ontario Premier Ford’s Office Comments on Trudeau Gun Bans

TheGunBlog.ca — Canadians who value safety, liberty and good government are working to stop Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s plans for the biggest gun bans in the country’s history following his re-election on Oct. 21.

One of their hopes is that provincial governments will refuse to enforce Trudeau’s confiscation order against hundreds of thousands of hunters, farmers, ranchers, sport shooters among millions of safe and responsible firearm users.

Trudeau and his Liberal Party campaigned on promises to seize 250,000 mainly “Non-restricted” hunting and sporting rifles, and to help municipalities expel or restrict federally licensed handgun owners and stores.

Ivana Yelich, the press secretary of Ontario Premier Doug Ford, comments below on the plans. She made the statement to TheGunBlog.ca yesterday by e-mail in response to our questions.

Protecting people from violent crime is a top priority for our government, and we’ve always been clear that our focus is on action that makes a meaningful impact in reducing illegal gun and gang violence. As law enforcement experts routinely highlight, criminals don’t respect geographic boundaries and the vast majority of gang and gun crime do not involve legally obtained guns.

We have received next to no details on this plan or any similar plan since we’ve been in government. However, the Premier has been clear on a hand gun ban. The Premier doesn’t believe in blaming law-abiding hunters and gun-owners for the crimes of gang members. He supports evidence based decisions and stands with of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police.

Our government will continue to work on fighting gun and gang violence and providing funding to the priority areas identified by police.

We will continue to work with our partners including regional police forces and municipalities in putting the safety of our citizens first.