AR-15 Selling Out in Canada on Concern Trudeau to Ban New Owners — The AR-15 target rifle is selling out at stores across Canada.

Federally licensed sport shooters are snapping up $3,000 guns on concern Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will ban new sales to win votes in the October election.

The website of Firearms Outlet Canada showed all AR-15s “Out of Stock” today at 3 p.m. in Toronto. At Al Flaherty’s Outdoor Store, all but 2 of the 17 versions offered online were “Sold Out.” The website of Wolverine Supplies said most are “Out of Stock.”

The Ontario and Manitoba companies are among the biggest independent gun shops in Canada.

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‘Completely Sold Out’

“We are completely sold out of AR-15s, AGAIN…except for what’s on consignment,” Select Shooting Supplies in Cambridge, Ontario, said today on Twitter.


Bill C-71 Bans

Buyers speculate Trudeau’s Liberal Party will order an immediate ban on future AR-15 owners and use Bill C-71 to allow existing owners to keep their guns until they die, at which point police would seize and destroy the rifles.

The Senate may vote on Bill C-71 tomorrow, and it could be law in days. With or without Bill C-71, the government could order immediate surrender or seizure.

An opinion poll this week showed almost all Liberal voters support bans.

‘Political Stunt’

“This is a political stunt, nothing more nothing less,” Virden, Manitoba-based Wolverine Supplies said this week, urging people to contact politicians. “Get an AR-15 or variant in your name and join the fight.”

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“Bought another AR today from my local @cabelascanada,” Sherry Muckleston said on Twitter. “Got the very last one in the store! … Thanks Bill!” She included the keyword #BillBlairSentMe

Confiscation Order?

Bill Blair, the minister exploring a “full ban” on handguns and many rifles and shotguns, told CTV News last week he doesn’t exclude a confiscation order.

The Canadian Shooting Sports Association said May 10 Trudeau will order a ban on the AR-15.

“My suppliers have hundreds in stock,” Htech Firearms tweeted in reply to this article. ”There is no and never will be a shortage.”

Selling Coast to Coast

The Gun Dealer, the largest firearm store in Atlantic Canada, showed about half its AR-15s out of stock.

Wanstalls Online in British Columbia showed 280 of 289 AR-15 and similar centrefire, magazine-fed rifles were gone.

Trudeau could decide to not ban guns beyond the rifles owned by roughly 15,000 families already targeted by Bill C-71.

If he does, stores and distributors want to avoid being stuck with inventory that would become illegal to sell.

All Guns Are Banned, Unless

All guns are banned already for everyone who doesn’t have a firearm licence authorized by the federal police.

Anyone who buys, sells, owns or travels with a firearm in Canada is severely restricted by law. They must pass courses, tests, background checks, reference checks and obtain spousal approval to get police permission for a licence. They must disclose breakups and job losses.

More Controls

People who own AR-15s and handguns endure even more controls.

They need special police permission to buy each gun or to take one to another province. They can go to prison for having a standard-capacity AR-15 ammunition magazine, for shooting anywhere besides one of the 1,400 government-approved target ranges, or for taking a detour on the way to the range.

Records, ‘Paranoia’

Even with all the prohibitions, the number of men and women with a gun licence keeps rising to records.

Hunting and sport shooting are at the heart of Canadian culture and heritage.

The 2.2 million adults with permits probably own more than 15 million handguns, rifles and shotguns, including about 70,000 AR-15s at the end of April.

They’re scrambling to buy more.

“I was looking at her for over a year,” said Tadg900 on Reddit, sharing a photo of a Colt Canada AR-15. “Nationwide paranoia made me buy the last one I could find anywhere.”

I was looking at her for over a year. Nationwide paranoia made me buy the last one I could find anywhere. from canadaguns

Small, Soft, Light

The AR-15 is one of the world’s bestselling rifles, a favourite among everyone from hunters, recreational shooters and competitors to police and military.

Its small caliber, soft recoil and light weight make it popular among men, women and youth of all ages and abilities.

Its bullets are much weaker than most hunting calibres.

“My wife just purchased her first AR15,” SpeedMediaGuy tweeted yesterday. #BillBlairSentMe

DPMS, Smith & Wesson

Bulls Eye London in Ontario offered a DPMS AR-15 for $620, promoted on Instagram with #billsentme

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A high-end model by Daniel Defense can cost more than $3,000. One of the last AR-15s available at Al Flaherty’s in Toronto is a Smith & Wesson version for $659.

A store in Ontario offered “Bill” as a discount code.

‘Untapped Opportunity’

A government advisor said last year that new restrictions and prohibitions on lawful gun owners present an “untapped opportunity” for Trudeau to win re-election this year.

“Potential AR15 Ban: Get one while they last!” the Shooting Edge in Calgary said in a poster on Facebook.


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