Wolverine Supplies: ‘Never Stop Fighting … Time to Take a Stand’

TheGunBlog.ca — Wolverine Supplies, one of Canada’s largest independent gun stores, made the following comment on Facebook and Instagram today as speculation rises the government will ban new sales of AR-15 target rifles and use Bill C-71 to confiscate the guns from families after the owners die.

Wolverine Supplies is based in Virden, Manitoba.


By Wolverine Supplies
via Instagram

With the current political climate there are a few things we here at Wolverine Supplies want everyone to remember. We have always said, and will continue to say until the bitter end, never stop fighting. This is the time for letters, calls, emails, visits to your local offices. This cannot stand, the rumors and speculations going around right now regarding a potential AR-15 and/or variants ban thereof is troubling. This is not a situation we want anyone to be in, or worse to be caught out of.

If you have an AR-15 right now, good. If you know of someone who doesn’t own one, time to change that. The more in the hands of law-abiding citizens the better. This is our country, our culture, and our lives. We have done nothing but uphold the utmost respect and responsibility to the rule of law, and we are being attacked unjustly without reason or merit. This is a political stunt, nothing more nothing less. It gains nothing for the safety of the public, only creates a stronger divide between us. Bill Blair has made it clear of their intentions.

History is about to repeat itself, there are a few things we have learned from the past. Get an AR-15 or variant in your name and join the fight. They play a game of shadows, for us we cannot hide, so we stand with you Canada, for this is us.

If you don’t have an AR, and want to change that — follow the link in our profile and check out what we have in stock. Tag your friends, share this post, it’s time to take a stand.




Update May 26: Adds Facebook link in first paragraph.