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Canada Gun News: Week of 2021 March 22

– Section 74: Alberta Justice Fradsham Says Crawford Hearing Can Proceed
– Some Mayors Against Bill C-21 Are NOT Our Friends
– Toronto Police Data Show Illegal Shootings Doubling Under Tory, Liberals
– Newmarket, Ontario, Mayor Wants National Handgun Confiscation
– RCMP Warns of Possible Ransomware Attack
– Reader Comment: I Will Not Do Business With Any Business That Helps the Government Destroy Our Guns

CSAAA Comments to Toronto City Council on Gun Bans: Full Text — The Canadian Sporting Arms and Ammunition Association told Toronto City Council it’s letting down residents by working against gun and ammo businesses and millions of hunters and sport shooters instead of working to reduce crime. The CSAAA, the main group for Canada’s 1,500 firearm-related businesses and their almost 50,000 staff, made the comment…

Nick’s Sports Shop in Toronto to Sell Guns as Mayor Seeks Bans — Nick’s Sports Shop Ltd. will restart selling handguns at its store on Yonge Street in downtown Toronto to support the shooting community and defy Mayor John Tory’s push for new bans. The plan makes Nick’s the latest firearm store to oppose municipal and federal government moves against millions of Canadian hunters and sport shooters….

Ontario’s Ford Rejects Gun Ban as Toronto Expects Confiscation — Ontario Premier Doug Ford today became the first political leader in Canada to oppose Toronto City Council’s moves to confiscate guns from lawful, licensed, legitimate gun owners. Separately, a spokesperson for the mayor said the city’s “expectation” is that confiscating firearms from sport shooters will make the sale of ammunition to murderers “moot.”…