CSAAA Comments to Toronto City Council on Gun Bans: Full Text

TheGunBlog.ca — The Canadian Sporting Arms and Ammunition Association told Toronto City Council it’s letting down residents by working against gun and ammo businesses and millions of hunters and sport shooters instead of working to reduce crime.

The CSAAA, the main group for Canada’s 1,500 firearm-related businesses and their almost 50,000 staff, made the comment to council for a meeting yesterday. The statement was signed by CSAAA Managing Director Alison de Groot. Full text below.

Council voted to ask the federal government for massive Canada-wide gun confiscations and prohibitions against businesses and the country’s 2.2 million federally regulated firearm users.

Excerpt of CSAAA Statement

You are letting your constituents down allowing them to think they will be safer by targeting legal firearms businesses or firearms owners. And every dollar that is spent on enacting, building the infrastructure and enforcing additional regulations on an already thoroughly-regulated, law-abiding group, diverts valuable funding and resources that could be used to address the real issues of poverty, disenfranchisement, lack of opportunity, cost of living, drug addiction, racism, sexism and a lack of mental health treatment and support systems.

Other Statements to Council Include


PDF of CSAAA Statement

Source: Toronto City Council