Canada Guns 2020, Part 1: Five Factors That Defined the Market

TheGunBlog.ca — Canada’s gun market in 2020 was one of the most-turbulent in the history of the firearm industry.

Following are five factors that defined the market.

Many of them continue to affect business in 2021.

1. Regular Shopping

Canadians buy roughly 1,000 new guns and 1 million rounds of ammo per day on average, for everything from protection, predator control and hunting to recreation, competition, and collecting.

  • Result: This is the baseline consumption that sustains Canada’s 4,500 firearm businesses and nearly 50,000 firearm-industry jobs.

2. Concern of Shortages and Inflation

Several forces drove concern of supply shortages and price increases:

  • Covid-19 disruptions to manufacturing and shipping.
  • U.S. shoppers draining supply amid violent protests.
  • U.S. shoppers draining supply amid election uncertainty.
  • Result: Gun stores reported “unprecedented” orders that led to shortages.

3. Personal Protection and Home Defence

Plenty of events across North America and the world led to increased desire for personal protection and home defence.

  • Concern of rising crime or even civil disorder from Covid-19-related economic crash.
  • Rising social-political tensions and protests (against police brutality, against racism, against government corruption and authoritarianism, …).
  • Concern of reduced policing in response to “Defund the Police” movement.
  • Result: Spiking demand.

4. Shooting and Hunting Shutdowns

Shooting and hunting activities were canceled across Canada to limit Covid-19 contagion.

  • Many Canadian, U.S. and other international hunters faced travel restrictions that led them to cancel hunting trips.
  • Many gun clubs and target ranges closed for long periods.
  • Even where hunting was possible, and gun clubs and target ranges re-opened, many people stayed home.
  • Result: Plunging demand.

5. Political Attacks By the Federal Government and Federal Police

The regulatory attacks of 01 May 2020 by the governing Liberal Party and Royal Canadian Mounted Police instantly threatened safe and responsible firearm owners and gun-store owners with criminal charges and jail.

  • The crackdown killed many sporting activities, including events where people consume a lot of ammo. (Many events were already canceled for Covid-19.)
  • Many people put their gear-buying plans on hold to reduce risk.
  • Others rushed to buy products that remained available for purchase.
  • Result: Mixed demand.

Did You Know …?

Canada’s gun market is unique: Highly restricted AND highly popular.

  • Restricted: To buy or sell any gun legally, the buyer and seller must both have a firearm licence authorized by the federal police.
  • Popular: 2.2 million adults + 4,500 businesses have a licence.

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