Canada Handgun Imports Jump to Record in June After Trudeau Says He’ll Kill Legal Market

TheGunBlog.ca — Canadian handgun imports jumped to a record in June, as government-licensed gun users raced to stock up before Prime Minister Justin Trudeau kills the legal market for pistols and revolvers.

The Trudeau administration said today it will criminalize government-licensed importers starting in two weeks.


Inbound handgun shipments in June soared to their highest monthly levels both by dollar value and by quantity, according to data published yesterday by Statistics Canada.

  • June Value: $9.8 million
  • June Quantity: 15,823

The StatCan data starts in 1988 and doesn’t list handgun makes or models.

Handgun Import Chart: Quantity

Why It Matters

  • Almost every handgun in Canada is imported.
  • Government-licensed gun stores are sold out of new models and aren’t ordering more on concern Trudeau will shut the market before the goods arrive.
  • Trudeau triggered an unprecedented shopping spree after he said on May 30 he plans new regulation and legislation to kill the legal handgun market, including buying, selling, and importing.
  • The Liberals said today they will prohibit handgun imports by government-licensed stores and individuals starting August 19.
    • They are acting unilaterally on the crackdown without the approval of parliament.
    • The free market remains unaffected.


  • Trudeau and his Liberal Party are the most-hostile political force against Canada’s 2,500 government-licensed gun stores and 2.2 million government-licensed firearm users, such as hunters, farmers, sport shooters and collectors.
  • The Liberals, with the support of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, have ordered mass criminalizations and confiscations, and they are preparing more.
  • More than 300,000 Canadian adults own more than 1.1 million handguns registered with the RCMP.
  • The retail value after tax of firearms is often at least one-third higher than the import value.

Top Handgun Imports By Month

By Value

MonthValue (CAD Million)
June 2022$9.82
April 2022$6.19
April 2019$5.62
March 2020$5.58
November 2021$5.19

By Quantity

June 202215,823
March 201813,969
February 199212,432
December 201711,881
April 201711,702

Top Handgun Imports By Country (June 2022)

Data Source: Statistics Canada

CountryValue (CAD Million) (% of Total)
U.S.A.$4.25 (43%)
Czech Republic$2.67 (27%)
Turkey$1.05 (11%)