Wes Winkel: Handgun Sales, Inventory and Market Outlook (Video)

19 Jul 2022

TheGunBlog.ca — Watch our video chat recorded today with Wes Winkel, the president of the Canadian Sporting Arms and Ammunition and Association (CSAAA) and the owner of Ellwood Epps Sporting Goods.

We discuss record-high handgun sales, restocking and inventory, and the market outlook after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said May 30 he will “freeze” the handgun market.


  • Conditions at gun stores after Trudeau’s May 30 announcement
  • Delays to process handgun-ownership transfers
  • Gun stores may have used guns even when their website shows “Sold Out”
  • Process and timing to import new handguns from manufacturers
  • Ordering from distributors vs. manufacturers
  • Why gun stores aren’t ordering more new guns
  • Percentage of first time handgun buyers vs. repeat buyers


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