Trudeau Tells Mendicino in Mandate Letter to Further Suppress Gun Owners — Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s top priority for Minister Marco Mendicino in his so-called “mandate letter” published today is to further suppress government-licensed gun owners and destroy more of our gear.


  • Continue restrictions of Bill C-71
  • Pursue mass criminalizations and confiscations ordered on 01 May 2020
  • Destroy “long-gun” ammo mags capable of holding more than 5 rounds by permanently sabotaging them (No mention of exemption for tube magazines in shotguns and lever-action rifles)
  • Criminalize the country’s 330,000 handgun owners
  • Expand so-called “red-flag” laws

The “Public Safety” Lie

  • Trudeau and Mendicino frame their attacks as if they were promoting safety and stopping violent aggressors.
  • In reality, almost all the restrictions outlined today specifically target the country’s safest demographic: the 2.2 million adults and 1,500 businesses with a government-issued gun licence.
  • Trudeau is working to execute the crackdowns he promised in the September election campaign, confirming his Liberal Party as the most-hostile political force against honest firearm users.

Grassroots and Institutional Opposition

  • Gun users oppose the crackdowns and intend to opt out.
  • Alberta and Saskatchewan are among provinces that have passed laws and hired officials to stop the attacks.
  • The RCMP labour union, Canada’s biggest police union, opposes the mass criminalizations and confiscations, the strongest police challenge to Trudeau’s plans.

Excerpt of Trudeau’s Mandate Letter to Mendicino



As Minister of Public Safety, you will prioritize efforts to keep cities and communities safe, notably by investing in crime prevention programming and implementing our firearms commitments. …

To realize these objectives, I ask that you achieve results for Canadians by delivering the following commitments.

  • Continue to work to keep our cities and communities safe from gun violence by:
    • Continuing implementation of C-71 regulations for firearms licence verification and business record-keeping;
    • Making it mandatory for owners to sell banned assault weapons back to the government for destruction or have them rendered inoperable at the government’s expense;
    • Requiring the permanent alteration of long-gun magazines so that they can never hold more than five rounds;
    • Banning the sale or transfer of magazines capable of holding more than the legal number of bullets;
    • Providing financial support to provinces and territories that implement a ban on handguns across their jurisdiction;
    • Implementing the gang prevention and intervention program to provide direct funding to municipalities and Indigenous communities; and
    • Working with the Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada to introduce “Red flag” laws to allow the immediate removal of firearms if that person is a threat to themselves or others, particularly to their spouse or partner, and increasing maximum penalties for firearms trafficking and smuggling.


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