Saskatchewan to Block Trudeau Handgun Confiscations With New Law — Saskatchewan said today it will block the mass handgun confiscations being drafted by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the latest measure to stop federal attacks against firearm owners and businesses.

The province proposed amendments to Bill 194, the Miscellaneous Municipal Statutes Amendment Act, 2019, which was originally introduced in the fall.

Trudeau is preparing new laws to help municipalities eliminate handgun ownership, bypassing provincial governments.

Moe Stands By Gun Owners

“This isn’t federal jurisdiction,” Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe said today, as reported by CBC News.

“The Trudeau government needs to understand: law-abiding gun owners are not the problem,” Moe said on Twitter. “Our government will continue to stand by them, focus on education and safety, and take a tough stance on criminals who break existing laws.”

Right to Gun Ownership

Also today, Alberta passed Government Motion 20 to defend gun rights and appoint its own Chief Firearms Officer.

Saskatchewan and Alberta are leading the fight to defend the rights of millions of Canadian hunters, farmers, firearm collectors and sport shooters against the crackdown by Trudeau’s Liberal Party.

“These amendments are proactive steps that will ensure law-abiding citizens maintain the right to safe, legal firearms ownership in Saskatchewan,” Government Relations Minister Lori Carr said in a press release.

CFO, Court Challenge

About 300,000 Canadians with a federal firearm licence own handguns registered with the federal police.

Saskatchewan said last month it’s also preparing to name its own Chief Firearms Officer, removing the federal appointee.

The province also said it may go to court to stop the national rifle and shotgun confiscations that Trudeau ordered on May 1.

No Power to Ban

CBC said the modified municipal statutes law reads: “Notwithstanding any other provision of this Act or any other Act or law, a city has no power to pass any new bylaws respecting firearms, unless otherwise provided for by regulation.”