Trudeau Boosts Blair to Minister of Public Safety in New Cabinet

(Update Nov. 21 at 10:30 Toronto time: Adds Blair quote via CBC News: “There is a sense of urgency.”) — Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau promoted Bill Blair, his chief for mass gun confiscation, to Minister of Public Safety today in Ottawa, as the new cabinet was sworn in following the Oct. 21 election.

Below are:

  • the top officials who might help Trudeau and the governing Liberal Party execute their plans for the biggest instant gun bans in Canadian history.
  • Responses to Blair’s appointment from the CSSA, CSAAA and Conservative Party.

Justin Trudeau


  • Prime Minister of Canada (since November 2015)
  • Represents Papineau in central Montreal

Official Statements Today

Comments on Gun Ownership

  • “We’re taking the strongest step in Canadian history to move forward on tougher gun legislation,” Campaign Press Conference, 01 Oct. 2019
  • We will ban all military-style assault rifles, give municipalities the ability to restrict or ban handguns, and strengthen gun control.” Twitter, 20 Sept. 2019

Selected Articles

Bill Blair

Bill Blair. Source:


  • Promoted to Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness
    • Replaces Ralph Goodale, who was defeated in the election
  • Previously: Minister of Border Security and Organized Crime Reduction (since Aug. 2018), affiliated with the Ministry of Public Safety
    • Since Aug. 2018: has led Liberal plans to criminalize honest firearm users and confiscate their gear.
  • Represents Scarborough Southwest in eastern Toronto

Comments on Gun Ownership

  • Updated Nov. 21: “We have made a commitment to strengthen gun laws in Canada,” said Blair. ‘There is a sense of urgency.” CBC News, 21 Nov. 2019
  • “Assault-style rifles are military weapons designed to hunt people, and not animals, in the most efficient manner possible that maximizes the body count at minimum effort.” Blair’s office told The Canadian Press, 30 May 2019
  • “What I’m saying is, everything I can get done, I intend to do my very best to get it done, and if there’s more to do, then we’ll come back and get it done.” CTV News, 18 March 2019

Selected Articles

Chrystia Freeland


  • Promoted to Deputy Prime Minister (New Role)
  • Previously Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • Represents University-Rosedale in central Toronto

Comments on Gun Ownership

  • “A ban on assault weapons and stronger gun laws are important to the people of Toronto, the city I represent.” Twitter, 20 Sept. 2019

Lametti, Holland

  • David Lametti (Montreal, Quebec) continues as Minister of Justice and Attorney General
  • Mark Holland (Ajax, Ontario) continues as Chief Government Whip
    • Holland referred to PAL holders as “thugs” last year, with no consequence.


CSSA, Canadian Shooting Sports Association

Tony Bernardo, Executive Director, quoted in iPolitics:

The CSSA is hopeful that Minister Blair will be able to differentiate between so-called “assault weapons” and the ordinary firearms 2.2 million licensed, lawful Canadians use every day,” he said. “We look forward to working with Minister Blair to protect the rights and freedoms of honest, responsible Canadians.”

CSAAA, Canadian Sporting Arms and Ammunition Association

On Twitter:

Congratulations @BillBlair on your appointment as Minister of @Safety_Canada
We look forward to working with you on responsible firearms policy. Canada’s 4500 licensed sporting arms businesses and 48K employees are committed to the safety of the communities where we live and work

Conservative Party of Canada

In a statement:

Blair continues to fail upwards. He was responsible for doing nothing to address the more than 50,000 illegal border crossers who have streamed into Canada. He will likely use his new position to continue his long-standing support for the wasteful and ineffective long gun registry, which does nothing to reduce crime.

What’s Next?

  • Anytime: The government could adopt the so-called “orders in council” to activate Bill C-71.
  • Dec. 5: Trudeau is scheduled to outline his new plans in the governor general’s so-called speech from the throne, CTV News reported Nov. 12.
  • Dec. 6: 30th anniversary of Montreal’s Ecole Polytechnique massacre, and a favourite date for prohibitionist activists to promote gun bans against millions of hunters, farmers, ranchers, recreational shooters, competitors, firearm collectors, and other honest men and women.

Correction at 20:15 Toronto time: Corrects spelling of Scarborough Southwest.