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Ministry Comments on Bill C-71 Procedures for Coming Into Force

26 Sep 2019

< 1 min read — Canada’s Ministry of Public Safety comments below on the steps for the coming into force of Bill C-71, the governing Liberal Party’s new law against federally licensed hunters, sport shooters and gun shops. asked about the procedures, steps and timing, such as if provisions in the new law could come into force before the next government takes office following the October election, and how the public is notified. The Liberals passed the bill into law in June in a Royal Assent ceremony.

Karine Martel, a spokeswoman for the Ottawa-based ministry that proposed Bill C-71, responded today by e-mail:

Q1. Some technical amendments came into force on Royal Assent such as provisions related to the forfeiture of firearms under the Criminal Code. Most of the amendments, including license verification, business record keeping, and provisions related to Authorizations to Transport restricted and prohibited firearms as well as changes to the classification of specific firearms will come into force by Order-in-Council at a later date once necessary administrative changes have been put in place and Firearms Act regulations have been developed.

Q2 & Q3. Firearms Act regulations required to implement the provisions would undergo consultation by publication in the Canada Gazette Part 1 before they can come into force. Members of the public would have an opportunity to comment on the proposed regulations at that time. The proposed regulations must also be tabled in both Houses. Public notice of the final regulations would be published in Canada Gazette Part 2.

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