NZ Police Raid Gun Owner’s Home to Ban Firearms, Stuff Reports — About 30 New Zealand police officers raided a gun collector’s home, pointing their weapons at him and his 12-year-old daughter to confiscate his 11 lawfully owned firearms, Stuff reported, citing the homeowner.

All his guns were seized in the raid, including ones that aren’t the target of the government’s confiscation order, the news website said. The police declined to comment, Stuff said.

New Zealand ordered the immediate surrender of most centrefire, semi-automatic rifles and shotguns and many pump-action shotguns after an attacker killed 51 people in March at two mosques and wounded almost that many.

The gun collector dug the mass grave for the victims for free, Stuff said.

He bought an AR-15 at the same store as the mass murderer the day after the massacre, the report said. The rifle, which was in a safe, was seized with a scope, ammunition and other items, according to Stuff.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is exploring mass gun confiscation beyond Bill C-71. Opinion polls show his supporters are the most hostile to firearm owners. A communication adviser to the government said last year that new restrictions and prohibitions on federally licensed hunters and sport shooters present an “untapped opportunity” for Trudeau to win more votes in this year’s election.

A member of parliament said yesterday Trudeau will order a gun ban in less than a month.


Correction at 23:50 Toronto time: Corrects age of daughter in first paragraph.