Canada Reviewing Survey to Decide on Gun Bans, Blair Office Says — The Canadian government is reviewing responses in Minister Bill Blair’s public consultation on gun bans to decide whether to go ahead with new prohibitions or change the law at all, said a spokeswoman for the minister.

“Our Government is carefully considering all feedback received from our recent consultations to determine if any changes are required to firearms legislation and/or the Criminal Code to keep our communities safe,” Marie-Emmanuelle Cadieux, the spokeswoman, told today by e-mail in response to questions.

“Minister Blair has stated that he is willing to consider any-and-all options to better protect Canadians and reduce firearm violence up to, and including, a ban on handgun and assault-style firearms, while respecting the lawful use of firearms by Canadians,” Cadieux said. had contacted Cadieux to ask when Blair would present his proposals to cabinet and make them public.

Critical Issue

Firearm ownership is a critical issue in this year’s election as the Liberal Party government examines new prohibitions beyond those in Bill C-71, its planned law against hunters, farmers and sport shooters.

Blair published a 31-page report last week analyzing the results of his gun-ban consultation, which included in-person meetings across Canada, an online survey and written submissions.

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No Gun Ban

The report showed most respondents opposed new prohibitions and confiscations, leading some people to conclude the government had dropped the idea.

Millions of Canadian men, women and youth hunt for food or shoot for sport, including 2.2 million adults with a firearm licence authorized by the federal police. Owning or traveling with any gun is banned already under threat of prison for anyone without a permit.

Bill C-71 Handgun Ban?

Bill C-71 is nearing its final stages in the Senate, and many senators favour criminalizing honest hunters, farmers and sport shooters.

Senator Marilou McPhedran said April 8 she will seek to modify Bill C-71 to include a handgun ban aimed at lawful owners.

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