Gun Licences Rose in 2017 at Slowest Pace in at Least Five Years

27 Mar 2018 — Canadians got new gun licences in 2017 at the slowest pace in at least five years. The rate of increase in buying handguns, AR-15 rifles and other so-called “Restricted” firearms also weakened.

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Gun Licences, Handguns and AR-15s Rose to Records in October

5 Dec 2017 — Here’s some bright news on this dark anniversary: The number of Canadians with gun licences rose to a record in October, and individual ownership of handguns and AR-15 rifles climbed by more than 1,000 a week to a new high.

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Analysis: RCMP 2016 Commissioner of Firearms Report

18 May 2017

Following is some analysis of the 2016 Commissioner of Firearms Report, which was published today by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and provides a snapshot of Canadian gun licences, registrations and related topics as of Dec. 31, 2016.

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‘Restricted’ Gun Licences Rose to 497,686 at June 30

23 Aug 2016

The number of Canadian licences for handguns, AR-15 rifles and other so-called “restricted” firearms rose to 497,686 at the end of June, the RCMP said today in an e-mailed response to questions by That’s an increase of 26,163 from Dec. 31, and the highest level on record. At that rate, the number of “restricted”…

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‘Restricted’ Gun Purchases Plunge to Three-Year Low

12 Mar 2015

The latest figures on firearm registrations paint a bleak picture for the Canadian gun community.

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