Do Police Really Trust Their Lives to a Flawed Gun Database?

A deputy commissioner of the Ontario Provincial Police said he supports Quebec’s plans to recreate an expanded firearms registry and would like Ontario to do the same because it increases safety for the police and the public, Orillia Today reported today.

“We are not supportive of the elimination of the firearms registry in any way,” Scott Tod was quoted as telling the newspaper in an interview. “From an officer safety standpoint, it provides us information that is readily accessible to our individual officers who are responding to residences and other places, businesses that may have firearms present or registered to those addresses.”

No matter how often I hear this “officer safety” or “public safety” argument, I just can’t believe it.

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Reminder: NDP Favours Gun Registration

Canada gun registration politics

The NDP favours the registration of guns, Thomas Mulcair said in December 2012.

“The NDP favours the registration of guns,” Thomas Mulcair, the party leader, said in December 2012, according to an article at the time by Maclean’s magazine. “We would bring back a form of registration.”

Canadian gun owners and enthusiasts need to remember that when we elect our next government in October.

The Conservative Party of Canada got rid of the country’s long-gun registry in 2012. Even though the registry kept a lot of police officers busy and made a lot of technology consultants rich, it did nothing for public safety.

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