CCFR Latest Video: ‘Register Your Car, Why Not Your Gun!’

Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights video registration car guns firearm
Screenshot of video by the Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights. Source: — The latest video by the Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights tackles a simple question that gets asked often: We register our cars with the government, so why not register our guns?

Rod Giltaca, the president of the group and the presenter in the Jan. 15 video, shows how registering the two types of objects is very different. The video is simple, short, light and informative, just like the other 10 or so in the series. It’s worth taking 2.5 minutes to watch.

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Canadian law requires a licence for people to buy or own guns legally. The law also requires licensed gun owners to register pistols, revolvers and many popular rifles with the national police. The police then enter the information into a database that links the name, address and other personal details of every legal gun owner with the firearms they have.

The video isn’t a philosophical exploration of how the registry relates to freedom, rights, defence or democracy. It doesn’t get into how the database contains inconsistencies and errors, or how police abuse it.

Instead, Giltaca gives concrete examples of the individual and social costs of registration. He talks about the waste and ineffectiveness of the registration system, and the unjust treatment of responsible gun owners by the Canadian government and police.

Highlights From the Video

  • Registering guns does nothing to increase safety or reduce violence.
  • Registering guns wastes money and time. Instead of keeping communities safe and chasing criminals, we’re spending billions of dollars on maintaining a list of honest people and their property.
  • The government and police have confiscated or banned firearms that were legally owned and registered.
  • You don’t need to register your car to own it legally, and using it without your registration present could get you a fine. But having legally owned guns without your registration present, whether you’re using the firearms or not, could get you in jail.

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