Liberals Want Bill C-21 in Law ‘Before Christmas,’ Senate Staffer Says; Senator Dean Comments on Timeline

TheGunBlog.ca — The Liberals want to pass Bill C-21 into law “before Christmas,” a Senate staffer told TheGunBlog.ca.

Senator Tony Dean, the chair of the Senate committee studying the bill, declined to comment on a specific deadline.

Watch: CSAAA’s Wes Winkel on 2023 Gun Industry Trends, CSAAA ‘Legends’ (Video)

TheGunBlog.ca — Watch our conversation with CSAAA President Wes Winkel as he discusses topics including: firearm-market trends market outlook, honouring industry “legends,” and contracting with the Liberals while opposing their gun confiscations.

Nova Scotia CFO Says He Didn’t Waive ATT Law for Fleeing Gun Owners After His Office Wrongly Claimed It Did

TheGunBlog.ca — Nova Scotia Chief Firearms Officer John Parkin said he didn’t waive federal laws requiring an ATT for gun owners fleeing wildfires, after his office wrongly told owners it had exempted them.