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Blair’s Office Reiterates Gun Policy Plans After Supplementary Mandate Letter — The office of Bill Blair, Canada’s minister in charge of restricting federally licensed gun users and businesses, reiterated plans for further laws and prohibitions today after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Supplementary Mandate Letters last week.


Blair’s Office Outlines Next Steps Against Gun Owners (Correction)

(Correction Dec. 27: Corrects headline and article to delete incorrect analysis of planned handgun prohibitions.) — The office of Canadian Minister Bill Blair outlines the next steps in the government’s planned laws against federally licensed gun owners.


Blair at SECU: New ‘Evergreen Process’ to Prohibit Guns, ‘Red-Flag Regime,’ SKS — Bill Blair, Canada’s minister in charge of suppressing gun owners, today reiterated his plans to invent a new “evergreen process” to prohibit firearms and expand the “red-flag regime” to confiscate them.

He also explained why SKS owners weren’t specifically targeted in his May 1 attacks against federally licensed firearm owners and stores.

Blair’s Office Can’t Justify His AR-15 Comment to House — The office of Bill Blair, Canada’s minister in charge of firearm policy, couldn’t provide evidence for his AR-15 comments this week to the House of Commons, the newest case of his false assertions about gun ownership. Why It Matters What Happened asked Blair’s office at the Ministry of Public Safety for examples…


Blair’s Office Outlines New Gun Restrictions, Classification System

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Blair Outlines Plan to Ban Home Handgun Ownership: Toronto Star — Canada’s governing Liberal Party is preparing laws to help municipalities eliminate home handgun ownership, Minister Bill Blair told the Toronto Star in an interview published today. “While stopping short of a national handgun ban, Public Safety Minister Bill Blair told the Star that new rules will allow . . . This content is…

Trudeau Tells Blair to Pass New Laws for Mass Gun Confiscations

(Update Dec. 23: Adds mandate letter to Freeland.) — Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau officially instructed Minister of Public Safety Bill Blair to pass new laws for mass gun confiscations against hunters, farmers, sport shooters and other safe and responsible firearm users. Update Dec. 23: He directed Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland to work…

Blair Tells iPolitics Confiscation Needs New Law, Two Years Away — Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s plan to order mass rifle confiscations against hunters, farmers and sport shooters requires a new law and could take two years to set up, Bill Blair, the minister for firearm bans, told iPolitics. Why It Matters The timing and risks to pass new legislation raise optimism the gun-ban…

Trudeau to Order Rifle Bans ‘As Quickly As Possible’: Bill Blair

(Update Dec. 8: Expands Blair quotes, adds context.) — The Canadian government will order federally licensed firearm owners to surrender 250,000 of their hunting and sporting rifles “as quickly as possible,” Bill Blair, the minister for gun bans, told reporters yesterday. It’s the first time the government said it will use an “order in…

Trudeau Boosts Blair to Minister of Public Safety in New Cabinet

(Update Nov. 21 at 10:30 Toronto time: Adds Blair quote via CBC News: “There is a sense of urgency.”) — Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau promoted Bill Blair, his chief for mass gun confiscation, to Minister of Public Safety today in Ottawa, as the new cabinet was sworn in following the Oct. 21 election….

Liberals to Restrict Gun Owners in Cities, Bill Blair Tells CBC — The Liberal Party of Canada may further restrict hunters and sport shooters living in cities if it wins next month’s election, Bill Blair, the Liberal minister of gun bans, told CBC Radio One today. The party is looking at “additional restrictions on where a firearm can be possessed or stored within a municipality,”…

Liberals Plan Gun Bans If Re-Elected, Blair Tells Globe and Mail — The Liberal Party of Canada will order mass gun bans against federally licensed firearm owners if re-elected to government, Minister Bill Blair told The Globe and Mail as the election campaign ramps up. Liberal Gun-Ban Plan The Liberals will order owners to surrender “some military-style assault weapons,” the Globe said in the interview…