‘Frankly Frickin Ridiculous’: Stubbs Confronts Blair on Bill C-21

Photo of Shannon Stubbs
Shannon Stubbs. Screenshot on 26 Feb 2021

TheGunBlog.ca — Conservative Party MP Shannon Stubbs said a comment by Liberal Minister of Public Safety Bill Blair to the House of Commons today was “frankly frickin ridiculous,” as he presented his new draft law to criminalize honest Canadians.

Stubbs Vs. Blair

Blair: … But we know that the Conservative leader has promised the gun lobby that he will weaken gun control. The gun lobby tells us that he has promised them that he will make assault rifles legal again, that he’ll remove the restrictions on handguns, that he’ll eliminate all controls over large-capacity magazines, that he’ll eliminate stronger background checks, that he’ll allow carry of concealed weapons. The gun lobby has said very clearly that they’ve told the Conservative leader what he’s to do, and he’s agreed to do it. Can the member confirm that it is the intention of a Conservative leader and party to weaken gun controls in the way that they have been ordered to do by the gun lobby?

Stubbs: What on earth is this minister talking about? And what a deeply concerning and troubling — and frankly frickin ridiculous response from the one person who has the most power and the most ability to make a real difference …

[House Speaker interrupts for point of order about language.]

Stubbs: OK, I’ll put it this way: What a mind-boggling, irrelevant, political, partisan, ridiculous, superficial approach from the man charged with the chief responsibility to protect the public safety and security of every single Canadian.

Details and Context

Where, When and Why They Were Speaking

  • Where: House of Commons video meeting
  • When: Today starting at 10 a.m. in Ottawa
  • Why: The governing Liberal Party of Canada was presenting Bill C-21 in parliament for the second time. It’s their latest draft law to criminalize safe and responsible firearm users and airsoft players.

Why It Matters

  • Stubbs today reiterated the Conservative promise to repeal Bill C-21 if the planned crackdown becomes law, and if the Conservatives win the next election.
  • They are ramping up their defence of honest citizens against a Liberal+RCMP campaign to suppress hunters, farmers and sport shooters, seize your gear, and wipe out your culture.
  • The Conservative Party is the only group in the House of Commons that isn’t hostile to the millions of individuals and families who use guns.

Did You Know?

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