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Canada’s Liberal Party-led administration is preparing to spend billions of taxpayer dollars on its crackdown begun in May 2020 against government-licensed gun owners and businesses.

This page is about the direct financial costs for taxpayers. (We believe it’s the most-comprehensive page on this topic on the Internet.)

This page doesn’t cover:

  • the massive destruction of personal and family wealth
  • the huge costs of lost revenue to business
  • the heavy and dangerous political, social, cultural, and emotional costs of the Liberal attack on honest citizens.

Note: This page covers only the costs to confiscate the rifles and shotguns targeted by executive order on 01 May 2020. It excludes other confiscations, in particular the handgun seizures begun in October 2022 (and via Bill C-21).

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Newest Update of This Page: 26 May 2024

Introduction: About $72 Million So Far

The Liberals estimated in an internal memo in late 2019 that their politically motivated harassment would cost $1.8 billion.

As of December 2023, the Liberals and the RCMP, which is collaborating with the Liberals:

  • Had signed about $42 million in confiscation-related contracts, according to government disclosures
  • Had paid or were liable for about $30 million in personnel costs for employees working on the crackdown, according to estimates by

1. Administration: Employees

Full-Time Equivalent Employees Working on the Confiscations

  • Estimated employee cost includes salary, benefits, pensions, overhead, and other costs to taxpayers.

Table 1.1 Employee Costs

DepartmentNumber of EmployeesAverage Annual Cost Per EmployeeTotal Annual CostTotal Cost After 4 Years
Public Safety60$120,000$7,200,000$28,800,000
Public Services and Procurement5.8$120,000$696,000$2,784,000

Data Source: 2024 Mar 22: Government Response to Conservative Senator Don Plett

2. Administration: Contracts

Table 2.1: Department of Public Safety

Award DateVendorAmountDescriptionEnd DateDetails
2020-08-21QMR Staffing
Solutions Inc.
$24,959 (?$6,329)Strategic advice and support2021-10-27Details
2020-10-19Altis Human
(Ottawa) Inc.
$23,504Project Management Services2021-03-31Details
2021-02-19Ultimate Management Group$199,993Project Management Services2025-03-31Details
2021-03-30IBM Canada$3,750,000Compensation model and program design options2024-03-31Details
2021-06-02Ekos Research$56,400Opinion survey2022-03-31Details
2021-11-29Environics Research$249,945Opinion survey2022-03-31Details
2022-07-25Qualtrics LLC$72,090Individual pricelist consultation2023-03-31Details
2022-07-27Publivate Inc.$26,309Communications research services2022-09-30Details
2022-09-01Environics Research$158,856Opinion survey2023-03-31Details
2022-10-17Samson & Associates$782,934Nimble assurance of a major transformation initiative2023-12-31Details
2022-11-04Ekos Research$147,363Opinion survey2023-06-05Details
2023-03-16Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton$350,300Management consulting2025-03-31Details
2023-03-30Veritaaq Technology House Inc.$39,968Development of Privacy Impact Assessment2023-12-29Details
2023-09-28Tiree Facility Solutions Inc.$204,459Management consulting2024-03-31Details
2023-02-16Canadian Sporting Arms and Ammunition Association (CSAAA)$707,363Professional services2024-03-31Details


  • QMR Staffing Details shows contract value of $24,958.88.
  • Samson & Associates Details shows contract value of $952,434.
  • Environics and Ekos contracts were omitted from government response to MP Cheryl Gallant in December 2023.

Table 2.2: Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP)

Award DateVendorAmountDescriptionEnd DateDetails
2023-10-12Multishred Inc.$361,186Heavy-duty shredder and conveyor-belt system2024-02-29Details
2023-10-23Accenture$29,000,000 ($516,523?)API development2024-05-21Details


  • Multishred Details shows contract date of 30 August 2023.
  • Accenture’s $29 million contract couldn’t be found in the government’s Contracts database. The RCMP, Department of Public Safety, and Accenture all declined to comment on the contract when the requested information about it.

3. Compensation

The Liberals don’t have any plan to compensate the victims of their confiscations, although have been talking about one for four years.

They imagine they’ll pay about $206 million based on:

  • low price proposed to gun owners who voluntarily surrender their valued gear (the so-called “Price List”), and
  • low estimate for the number of guns to be collected (CSAAA estimates about 518,000 firearms are affected vs. Liberal+RCMP estimates of about 150,000)
  • low compliance

Table 3.1 Compensation to Confiscation Volunteers

Firearm Model
AR-15, AR-10, M4, M-16102,148$1,337$136,571,876
Ruger Mini-1416,879$1,407$23,748,753
U.S. M-145,248$2,612$13,707,776
Vz. 5811,313$1,139$12,885,507
.50 BMG1,849$2,819$5,212,331
Robinson Armament XCR1,837$2,735$5,024,195
SIG Sauer MCX, MPX1,067$2,369$2,527,723
CZ Scorpion EVO 31,844$1,291$2,380,604
Beretta CX4 Storm1,559$1,317$2,053,203
SG 550, SG 551298$6,209$1,850,282
>20 mm74$2,684$198,616

4. Exclusions and Omissions

The tables above omit costs such as:

  • Costs to hire confiscation agents to execute the forced seizures via home raids against unwilling, uncooperative (and potentially hostile) targets
  • Costs to securely transport, store, and destroy collected firearms (Could be low, given expectation of mass opt-out)
  • Costs to enforce confiscations against gun owners and businesses who opt out (Could be high)
  • Costs of six challenges in Federal Court (lawyers, assistants, judges, clerks, …)
  • Costs of challenge in Federal Court of Appeals (lawyers, assistants, judges, clerks, …) (Estimate: $2 million)
  • Costs of roughly 200 challenges in provincial courts across Canada (lawyers, assistants, judges, clerks, …)

5. Sources of Information and Data