Poll: If Your City Banned Guns, Would You Leave?

TheGunBlog.ca — More than two-thirds of Canadians want to ban guns in cities, The Canadian Press reported today, citing the results of a poll it ordered. How about you? Take the poll below by TheGunBlog.ca.

The Ekos Poll

69 percent of those surveyed agreed with the statement: “I think that there should be a strict ban on guns in urban areas,” The Canadian Press reported today in an article published by Global News. Ottawa-based Ekos Research Associates ran the poll for The Canadian Press.

The poll surveyed 2,287 Canadians by land line and mobile phone from Nov. 10 to 30, and is considered accurate within 2.1 percentage points, 19 times out of 20, The Canadian Press said.

(Update Dec. 5: Ekos Doesn’t Only Run Polls About Gun Bans, It Promotes Gun Bans)

How about you?

TheGunBlog.ca Poll

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Update Dec. 6: TheGunBlog.ca ran a fun poll on Twitter:

Twitter Poll: There should be a strict ban on anti-gunners in urban areas.

Related Information

  • Montreal is home to more than 100,000 men and women with gun licences, the most among Canada’s five-biggest cities, and Calgary has the highest number per capita, according to research by TheGunBlog.ca.
  • More than 2 million Canadians have gun licences, and millions more unlicensed family and friends also enjoy shooting legally.
  • Dec. 5 marks the anniversary of the Firearms Act, an anti-gun law passed by the Liberal Party-controlled government in 1995. The law punishes safe, responsible and lawful gun collectors, target shooters and hunters with restrictions and regulations that violent criminals ignore.
  • The Liberals are preparing a new law to impose more constraints and controls on lawful shooters.

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