Liberals Say 723 Guns Surrendered Under May 2020 Confiscation Order

TheGunBlog.ca — Canada’s Liberal Party-led administration said 723 firearms have been surrendered under its May 2020 confiscation order targeting government-licensed individuals and businesses.

723 Surrendered Firearms

  • Individuals have surrendered 657 firearms.
  • Businesses have surrendered 66 firearms.
  • The Liberals didn’t say how many of each volunteered their goods for destruction without compensation. (Was it hundreds of people, or three people with large collections?)
  • They also didn’t say if the guns were surrendered by living owners, or by the heirs of deceased owners to avoid jail.


  • TheGunBlog.ca obtained the information today from the Library of Parliament.
  • The Liberals filed the data in the House of Commons yesterday in response to Question Q-2640 from Conservative Member of Parliament Shannon Stubbs.
  • Stubbs didn’t respond to an e-mailed invitation from TheGunBlog.ca to comment.

Data Table

RCMP Data Table of Obtained Firearms
RCMP Data Table of Obtained Firearms

The response to Stubbs’s question about the May 2020 confiscation order includes a data table showing the Liberals have obtained 2,123 firearms that were reported to the RCMP Registrar of Firearms.

Six reasons are listed: Detained, Found, Safekeeping, Seized – criminal investigation, Seized – public safety, and Surrendered.

The only relevant row in the table is “Surrendered” firearms.

  • Police don’t need the confiscation order to seize your gear for “public safety,” for a “criminal investigation,” or any other legitimate action.
  • Businesses and individuals don’t need the confiscation order if they wish to turn in their goods for “safekeeping.”

Confiscation Fantasy Is Dead

  • The Liberals say their May 2020 attack targets government-licensed individuals and businesses who own about 150,000 rifles and shotguns. They acknowledge industry estimates exceed 500,000.
  • Almost all owners intend to keep their gear amid massive institutional and grassroots opposition to the crackdown.
  • The Liberals have wasted about $72 million in taxpayer wealth on their confiscation fantasy. In 2019, they estimated its direct costs would swell to almost $2 billion.
  • They had initially aimed to complete their seizures by April 2022.
  • The fantasy died the instant the Liberals pushed their deadline until after the next election. The party is expected to lose by a landslide to the Conservatives, who oppose the attacks on honest citizens.

Government Response to Stubbs (PDF)