‘Significant Concern’ Over Trudeau Gun Confiscation: Yukon Party

TheGunBlog.ca — Following is a letter from Yukon Party Interim Leader Stacey Hassard to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau citing “significant concern” over Trudeau’s plans to order mass firearm confiscations from hunters and sport shooters.

The Yukon Party published Hassard’s letter today on Facebook and Twitter.


  • The opposition movement against Trudeau’s planned seizures is growing day by day.
  • His governing Liberal Party is working to order federally licensed firearm owners across the country to surrender a quarter-million of their rifles, or risk jail.
  • He’s also preparing handgun bans in one of the biggest crackdowns against honest citizens of any democracy in history.

Yukon Party’s Stacey Hassard Letter to Canadian PM Trudeau

“Here’s a letter from Interim Leader Stacey Hassard to Prime Minister Trudeau concerning the Liberals’ plan to confiscate legally-obtained firearms from law-abiding Yukoners.”

Source: Yukon Party on Facebook, 30 Jan. 2020